2022 College Decision Day
Our graduating Breakthrough Scholars have dedicated each of the last eight years to leveling up. Elevated, energetic, and determined, our Scholars were busy discovering and immersing themselves in new academic opportunities, building relationships with peers and mentors, finding purpose, and nurturing passion. Faced with the complex challenges posed over the last two years, our graduates demonstrated resilience, autonomy, strength, and a heightened ambition to excel beyond these obstacles. Now and always, our Scholars are ready to Soar!

As we celebrate College Decision Day, we ask our Breakthrough Village to engage with our social media channels as we highlight our remarkable Scholars and all that they have achieved through their dedication, talent, and tireless commitment to excellence.



“Not only has Breakthrough helped me forge some of the strongest bonds in my life, it also gave me an amazing opportunity to advance my academics. It’s because of Breakthrough that I was able to earn a scholarship to such a prestigious middle and high school, and earn an enriching education.”Evodie Alvarez

Evodie is an exceptional Scholar with much academic success and a wonderful spirit. As a student at @saswhitetigers, Evodie excelled in rigorous classes, consistently raising the bar. Not only will Evodie be graduating on the honor roll with an associates degree, she is graduating with numerous awards and recognitions: the American Legion School Award, President’s Volunteer Service Award, Outstanding Achievement in Mathematics, First Place Outstanding Essay Submission in High School Category, Head of School’s List, Director’s List, QuestBridge College Prep Scholar Finalist and and Superior Honor Roll.

Evodie prioritized her high school experience, having enrolled in multiple dual-enrollment and advanced placement courses in order to further her education. An active community member, Evodie was a member of the NAACP, Black Student Union, Gender & Sexuality Alliance, Women of Tomorrow, and dance clubs.

Excited to begin the next chapter of her academic journey at @uflorida, Evodie intends to earn a PsyD in Psychology, which she will then use to become a pediatric psychologist to help patients understand the root of their issues and find solutions. Understanding that our youth hold the keys to our future, Evodie wishes to work with children in order to help and support them as they find their place in life. Evodie believes it is important to nurture and guide our youth to be the best versions of themselves.


Being at Breakthrough helped me become more social and get out of my shy shell. There would always be activities to participate in,and that made me meet a lot of new people from all over Miami. I also loved the volunteering experience because that helped me realize how much I want to work with kids when I’m older. -Elissa Bessard

Elissa is passionately committed to our Breakthrough Miami Village and her role as a Scholar. As an honor roll student graduating from North Miami Beach Senior High School @nmbchargers, Elissa enrolled in advanced placement and dual-enrollment courses and served in numerous clubs, proving her dedication to her community. As a member of the Student Government Association, Upward Bound, Class Board and Book Clubs, SOUL Sister’s Leadership Collective, and Breakthrough Miami, Elissa’s volunteer service and community involvement are exceptional!

Elissa will be continuing her academic journey at @nsuflorida to pursue a degree in Biology on her path to becoming a pediatric surgeon or exploring the forensics field.


Being a Breakthrough Miami Scholar impacted my life greatly. I used to be a very shy person, but when I attended my first Breakthrough summer at Miami Country Day, I became a very social person. From Breakthrough to school, it opened a lot of relationships with different Scholars, Volunteers, teachers, and summer staff. In the classroom, I always felt I was ahead of the class due to the advantage I got from Breakthrough. I always felt prepared for school due to Breakthrough. Marcos Brice

Marcos is an exceptional student graduating from American Senior High School @7011patriots on the honor roll. Marcos is an esteemed member of the aviation club, an avid award-winning football player, and a Breakthrough Miami Volunteer.

As for the future, Marcos will be attending St. Thomas University @stumiami, where he seeks to receive his certification and license in aviation, and pursue a career as an aviator. ✈️


Breakthrough Miami has helped me in so many different ways that I am forever thankful for. This program has not only helped me academically, but socially too, as Breakthrough really sets a wonderful and caring atmosphere, providing the students with caring teachers and staff. Gillian Campos-Bueso

Gillian personifies the many great characteristics of our Breakthrough Village! Demonstrating true dedication and support for her community, Gillian invested her time with several school clubs to impact change. She was an active member of her school’s Environmental, Future Educators of America, and Gay-Straight Alliance clubs.

Gillian is a proud first-generation student graduating from Design and Architecture Senior High School @dashschool, where she enrolled in vigorous dual-enrollment and advanced placement courses including Psychology, World History, and Drawing.

Devoted to bettering the world around her, Gillian volunteered at various events such as her School’s Environmental Clean-up and Sunny Isles Beach Clean-up.

Gillian will soon be attending Miami-Dade College @mdcollege to follow her dream of majoring in psychology while being able to financially support herself and expand her career options.


The opportunity to become a Teaching Fellow and work with Scholars that were in the seats I used to be in was such an eye-opening experience. Trinequa Butts

Trinequa is an enthusiastic learner and a devoted member of her community! Making the most of her high school experience at @barbaragolemansrhigh as an honor roll student, Trinequa made community involvement a priority, having been a member of Key Club, Law Society, United Students For Political Activism, Model UN, and secretary of Future Educators of America. Also an active Volunteer, Trinequa devoted time to volunteering within our Breakthrough Miami Village and at her church.

Proudly entering @PaceUniversity as a first-generation student, Trinequa will pursue her dream of majoring in business management, graduating from law school, and opening up her own firm. ⚖️


Breakthrough Miami has provided me with an opportunity to get ahead in life. I was seeing new material before most of my classmates had thanks to Breakthrough summers. Now, I am graduating and I’m excited to take the next step in life. Breakthrough has provided me with invaluable friendships that will always support me. Edwin Chamorro

Edwin is a first-generation student graduating from Miami Senior High School @mhs_stings. During his time at Miami Senior High, Edwin pursued advanced academic opportunities, enrolling in dual enrollment courses, and graduating as an Honor Roll student. Among his pursuits beyond the classroom, Edwin was engaged with his school’s photography club.

Edwin will be attending Miami Dade College @mdcollege to further his education and begin his journey toward becoming a professional chef.


My experience at the Breakthrough Miami Summer institute really impacted my life journey in many ways. I was able to prepare in advance for the upcoming school year each summer in fun and creative ways, and it greatly helped me value the small things that I have in life. Andres Contreras

Andres is a cherished Scholar, an active member of his community, and an inspiring young leader dedicated to empowering others. As an honor roll student at International Studies Charter High School @ischseagles, Andres is well-prepared to make future Breakthroughs happen! During his high school journey, Andres was a member of Key Club and Club Officer/Historian of the GSA and Spanish Clubs. Seeking to better the community around him, Andres volunteered for Breakthrough Miami, paying it forward and actively helping our Scholars grow and thrive as the leaders of tomorrow.

Andres will soon begin the next exciting chapter of his academic story as a first-generation student at @fiuinstagram, to major in graphic design and become successful in his profession.


Breakthrough has helped me gain an upper hand on my schoolwork a year beforehand, helped with scholarships, and helped choose the best college for me. Carnell Davis

A brilliant honor roll student graduating from Miami Northwestern Senior High School @mnwbulls55, we know Carnell is well prepared to make future Breakthroughs happen! As a student, Carnell enrolled in advanced placement biology, was a chess club member, played basketball, and dedicated time to feeding the homeless as a volunteer.

Now as a proud first-generation student, Carnell will be attending @mdcollege to follow his dream of becoming a registered nurse.


Breakthrough Miami is where I met my closest friends and it has prepared me for school. This program has set me on the right track in life and the teachers and Volunteers do an amazing job. I have enjoyed my time there and it was a great experience. Keuon Dean

A passionate and hard-working student at Coral Reef Senior High School @coralreefhs, Keuon is graduating with excellence in and out of the classroom! Keuon made the most of his high school experience, having enrolled in AP statistics, and as a leader of his school’s varsity basketball team. Advocating for positive change in his community, Keuon assisted in volunteer community work with Goulds Park and was an esteemed member of @5000RoleModels.

Now as a prepared leader of tomorrow, Keuon will be attending Tennessee State University to major in criminal justice and follow his dream of becoming a professional basketball player or a corporate attorney.


My experience as a Breakthrough Miami Scholar has undoubtedly impacted my life’s journey. The program has provided me with resources that helped me get where I am now. I’m grateful that I could join the program with a bit of push by parents and Webber to join. Noah Dornelly

An all-around exceptional Scholar, Noah is on the path to success! Noah is a proud first-generation student with plans to attend @FloridaStateUniversity. Graduating from @youngmenspreparatory as an honor roll student, Valedictorian of his graduating class, and ranking in the top 3% of his class, Noah is making Breakthroughs happen!

With much ambition for success, Noah was involved in numerous extracurricular and volunteer experiences during his high school years. Noah prioritizes community involvement from volunteering at our Miami Country Day host site during his 10th grade summer to volunteering at the City of Miami Parks – Legion Park during 9th grade. Furthering his extracurricular involvement, Noah was a member of the SECME Club, Dear Asian Youth, and Co-founder and Club President of the Art-Culture Club.

Celebrating multiple #Breakthroughs, Noah is a Carnival Scholarship Awardee, an AP Scholar, Adobe Certified in Associate Premiere Pro CC 2015, a South Florida Science and Engineering Fair Gold Medalist for (10), and a South Florida Science and Engineering Fair Silver Medalist for (9).

When asked about his long-term goals, Noah explained he hopes to reach the state that his younger self idealized for his life.


Being a Breakthrough Miami Scholar is the best thing that I have been a part of. I have met and connected with so many teachers and friends over the past 7 years in this program. The main thing I learned is that all you need is a platform to get started and to take advantage of it. I thank everyone that had made an impact in my journey as a Breakthrough Miami Scholar. Emmanuella Dorval

Emmanuella made the most of her time during her Breakthrough Miami Scholar experience. As an honor roll student at Law Enforcement Officers Memorial High School @leomhsofficial, Emmanuella is ranked in the top 3% of her graduating class. She served as Vice President of the Warriors Do Something Club, and was an esteemed member of the Arts and Crafts, FPSA, Haitian Club, and Key Clubs.

Committed to giving back to her community, Emmanuella collected hundreds of critical health supplies for homeless shelters, and raised $200 for @UNICEF.

Continuing to #Breakthrough, Emmanuella advances her academic journey at the University of Pittsburgh @pittofficial and dreams of pursuing a career in forensic science. Committed to expanding her horizons, Emmanuella is eager to continue learning.


“Being a Breakthrough Miami Scholar has impacted my life’s journey by advancing my communication skills. Breakthrough has helped me develop a sense of self-learning and which learning techniques were best for me. Breakthrough exposed me to new things and discovering a different perspective in the ways in which we see things.” -Ashande Edwards

During her time as a student in @hialeahmiamilakessrhigh, Ashande completely immersed herself in her curriculum, enrolling in numerous AP and Dual-Enrollment classes including, but not limited to: Politics, Biology, Writing and Rhetoric, and American History. As parliamentarian of the HML Justice Society, President of HIP Club, Cheerleading Co-Captain, and member of FEA, Ashande is paving the way to Breakthroughs!

Committed to community, Ashande volunteered at Young Dream Chasers Club, Lecture Reader, Praise Angels, Pumpkin Patch through club, Sock Drive, Miami Lakes K-8 Recruitment, and a Thanksgiving Drive. Possessing an active body as well as mind, Ashande played flag football and was co-captain of the cheerleading team.

Eager to begin the next chapter of her academic journey, Ashande will be attending Florida Atlantic University @floridaatlantic to pursue her dream of majoring in psychology, continuing her passion of helping others.


I enjoyed going to Breakthrough as a Scholar – It was such a fun and positive environment. We had so much fun while learning. There was never a dull moment at Breakthrough. I thank Breakthrough for everything they have done for me as a Scholar, and I will always remember the fun memories created at Breakthrough Miami Country Day. -Ashanti Edwards

Ashanti’s commitment and dedication to her community has been evident from the start. An exemplary student at Miami Lakes Educational Center @mlecjaguars, Ashanti has given back to her community in more ways than one. As a member of the National Honor Society, Black History Club, Breakthrough Miami Volunteer, and altar server, Ashanti has consistently pursued opportunities to develop as a leader in her community.

Ashanti will be graduating as an Honor Roll and Superior Honor Roll student in true Breakthrough fashion.

Ashanti will be attending Florida A&M @famu_1887 University and dreams of majoring in the health sciences/nursing with the goal of becoming a trauma nurse.


Breakthrough has given me so many opportunities and support throughout my academic career. Breakthrough guided and supported me as I transitioned from elementary to middle school, and was a massive help throughout high school. Being a Breakthrough Scholar has given me friends, tools, and endless opportunities. I am eternally grateful for achieving my dreams with the support of my Breakthrough family. Christ’Ella Francis

An avid learner, leader, and student, Christ’Ella is a model Scholar! During her time at Ransom Everglades as both a Scholar and student, Christ’Ella pursued personal and academic growth, having enrolled in advanced placement courses including Art History, English Language, and Composition.

Putting her “breakalicious” energy into action, Christ’Ella was an active member of the Breakthrough Club, National French Honors Society, Women’s Lacrosse JV and Varsity Teams, President of the Black Students Association (BSA), and Volunteer at Religious Education Teaching Aid, Food Drives/Distributions, and a Church Bookstore.

Upon her Ransom Everglades graduation, Christ’Ella will be attending @BowdoinCollege to pave her path toward medical school and pursuing her dream to become an anesthesiologist.


Being a Breakthrough Miami Scholar has helped me step out of my comfort zone. When I was younger I was shy. But when l joined Breakthrough Miami, we did a lot of activities that helped me break out of my shell. It also gave me a lot of guidance about the college process and life. Lisshamah Gercilus

Lisshamah is a model Breakthrough Scholar, demonstrating leadership, responsibility, and passion in everything she does. An exemplary student from Robert Morgan Educational Center @rmec.pirates, Lisshamah has developed herself as a leader by being a Webmaster for her Drama Troupe, a member of the Ebony Club, National Honor Society, Thespian National Honor Society, DECA, and track club. Looking to make an impact in her community, Lisshamah has volunteered at multiple church activities, theater, and panther Xtreme summer camp.

Lisshamah will be attending the University of Florida @uflorida as a proud first-generation student pursuing a major in acting. She has been accepted into AMDA College of the Performing Arts @amdaofficial and the University of Florida’s @uflorida Acting BFA program.

Break a leg, Lisshamah! Your future is bright! ????


Breakthrough has offered me a variety of resources which have enriched my student life as well as my own personal journey. From being able to spend my middle school summers with like-minded, driven individuals, to being able to explore my own passions through the partnered programs like Growlight. Breakthrough has provided an environment for me to prosper within. Lucas Girala

Lucas’ passion for achieving academic excellence and ambition for success is an inspiration. Lucas is a knowledgeable and outstanding honor roll student at the School for Advanced Studies @saswhitetigers, where he enrolled in multiple dual-enrollment and advanced placement courses, granting him the #Breakthrough opportunity of graduating high school with his associate’s degree. As a student, Lucas valued community involvement and served as a member of his school’s Mu Alpha Theta and NHC clubs.

Building on his experience as a #Scholar, Lucas is truly committed to our Village, serving as a Breakthrough Volunteer and a volunteer taekwondo instructor for kids in his community.

Now well equipped with knowledge and experience, Lucas will begin his journey at @FloridaStateUniversity to study mechanical engineering and pursue his goals to earn a bachelor’s or master’s degree in Automotive Technology. In college, Lucas hopes to pursue an internship where he is able to witness firsthand the inner workings of his potential future career. Lucas also hopes to become active with automotive clubs such as Formula SAE, where he can gain real-life experiences with engineering challenges when drafting, building, and racing a vehicle.


Breakthrough has helped me extensively, especially with the school I go to right now. It kept me on the right track and gave me that edge I needed at the beginning of every year. That was very helpful. Eric Germeus

Eric is an outstanding Scholar and student from our Miami Country Day School host site graduating on the honor roll. During his time as a student, Eric was active mentally and physically, having been involved with the Baseball and Basketball teams as well as Volunteering at Breakthrough Miami and Trinity Church.

Eric will soon be attending Lenoir-Rhyne University @lenoirrhyne and majoring in computer science. Keeping his options open, Eric is deciding between becoming a professional baseball player or a Cyber Security expert and creating his own business idea.


Breakthrough Miami has brought me opportunities on top of opportunities. I’m excited for what the future has to bring & I hope that my bond with Breakthrough only gets stronger. Jaheim Golden

Jaheim embodies the many wonderful traits and characteristics of our Village. A dedicated and devoted member, Jaheim seeks opportunities that will allow him to be as academically enriched as possible. As an honor roll student at @youngmenspreparatory graduating in the top 3% of his class, Jaheim is exceptionally well-prepared for his bright future.

As a natural-born leader seeking community involvement, Jaheim was Co-Founder of Art & Culture Club, President of Mt. Gilead Community Baptist Church, and a member of the National Honor Society, the YMPA’s Poetry Club, Jazz & Concert Bands, & SECME. Jaheim was also involved with the @underlinemia Budding Entrepreneurs Program, Speech & Debate Club, Toastmasters International, @bbbsamerica, & the @Carnival Scholarship & Mentoring Program.

An all-around #Changemaker, Jaheim Volunteered at Teen Court, Mt. Gilead Community Baptist Church, Community Youth Against Violence, & @AchieveMiami.

Jaheim’s impressive community and extracurricular involvement have awarded him many honors including Gates Scholarship Finalist, @Carnival Scholarship Awardee, MDC Business Specialist College Credit Certificate, an @Adobe Premiere Pro Certification, Excellent Solo at FBA MPA, 1st Place in BTM Black History Essay Contest (2021), being on the Cover of @TheMiamiTimes (2019), and featured (2021).

Jaheim will soon continue his academic journey as a proud first-generation student at @ucf.edu to major in health science and continue positively contributing to the world around him.


“Breakthrough provided a community of loving teachers and like-minded children, many of whom came from similar low socioeconomic, minority backgrounds, forming a precious community of individuals I trusted.” -Nikolas Hernandez

Nikolas is an all-around star of a Scholar! Nikolas is graduating as an honor roll student from @saswhitetigers with an associates degree.

During his high school matriculation, Nikolas developed his leadership through involvement in various clubs including Medical Club, National Science Honors Society, Mu Alpha Theta, National Honors Society, Environmental Club, Dance Club, & Chess Club. Nikolas also held a leadership position as Leader of the Tutoring Initiative, tutoring 5 middle & high school students in math & reading.

Consistently looking for ways to give back to the community, Nikolas was a @MiamiRescueMission Homeless Shelter Volunteer, @mdcollege Microbiology Lab Research Volunteer, & a Community Cleanup Member.

Nikolas is a proud recipient of the Dean’s List at Miami-Dade College for 5 Semesters, Principal’s Honor Roll, a National Merit Commended Scholar, qualified for the National Hispanic Recognition Scholarship, was a 2019 HOSA Participant (Passed Stage 1), a @univmiami Canes’ Scholarship Recipient, Gates Scholarship Semifinalist, and a @uflorida Presidential Scholarship Recipient.

Nikolas will be attending @fiuinstagram honors program and pursue a major in biology. Supporting his transition to FIU, Nikolas was awarded the @btmalumni Book Award Scholarship.

Nikolas dreams of becoming a physician, gaining inspiration from being the primary caretaker of their home. Nikolas is interested in different medical specialties, & is eagerly pursuing his path to medical school.


Through the Teaching Fellow position at Breakthrough, I was able to learn the importance of empathy, allowing me to grow to understand my Scholars on another level. Amerie Jackson

As a proud first-generation student, Amerie is eager to begin the next exciting chapter of her academic journey. Graduating from @josemartimast as an honor roll student, Amerie immersed herself in her academics, enrolling in multiple advanced placement courses, clubs, and volunteer opportunities.

Dedicated to giving back to her community, Amerie volunteered at Study Buddies of Miami and Breakthrough Miami. Continuing her community involvement, Amerie was secretary of the Health Information Project, President & Founder of Black Student Union, Co-Chair of the Civic Engagement Committee of Power U, and member of the Quill and Scroll and @womenoftomorrow.

Having achieved various Breakthroughs, Amerie was a @MiamiHerald– Social Science Silver Knight Nominee, Posse Scholar Finalist @possefoundation– @hamiltoncollege, National African American Recognition Program – College Board, Group Semi-Finalist – NFTE Bizcamp, Jackie Robinson Scholarship Finalist, selected as a Nyah Fellow @nyahproject, and an FIU Golden Scholar @fiuinstagram.

Amerie will continue her academic journey at Howard University @howard1867 where she will major in biology pre-med and minor in public health and pursue a path to earn an M.D/PhD in microbiology. With this degree, Amerie hopes to educate and provide resources to underrepresented communities to help combat the different viruses that affect their well beings.


Breakthrough has really helped a lot when it came to finding a career path… I was able to make essential bonds with new people. Kamiah Jackson

As a proud graduate from Law Enforcement Officers Memorial High School @leomhsofficial, Kamiah is on the path to success! She has excelled in school with rigorous courses such as AP English Language and Composition.

Embodying the Breakthrough spirit and dedicated to giving back to her community, Kamiah volunteered at the Police Athletic League, helping with kids from grade K-5 and assisted students with their homework while providing activities for them to complete. She has also served with Big Brothers Big Sisters @bbbsamerica and her school STEP Team.

Soon, Kamiah will be attending Florida Atlantic University @floridaatlantic to pursue her dream of majoring in Psychology.


“While it is not by blood, Breakthrough has created a family for me that has supported me and watched me grow the same way my real family would. Breakthrough has shaped me into a well-spoken, confident, and responsible student and has allowed me opportunities that I would not have had if I had not become a Scholar.” -Mikayla Johnson

Congrats to Breakthrough Miami Scholar Mikayla Johnson!????

Mikayla is not only an exceptional student, but also an active member in her community through various service and volunteer experiences. Throughout her time at Everglades Preparatory Academy @evergladespreparatory, Mikayla pursued a rigorous academic schedule including various AP courses across diverse subject areas. Mikayla also pursued immersive extracurricular experiences, including being a member of the Student Government, Drama Club, Yearbook Club, and National Honor Society.

In addition to her commitment as a Breakthrough Scholar, Mikayla transformed lives through community work with Breakthrough Miami, serving as a Volunteer for our Village.

Mikayla is an Honor Roll recipient, and has ranked in the top 3% of her graduating class. What a Breakthrough!


Breakthrough has helped me better my grades and college scores.” Ethan Jones

An outstanding honor roll student and #Changemaker graduating from MAST Academy @mastmakos, Ethan has been exceptional at all he does. Actively seeking out ways to be involved in programs, Ethan was a member of the National Honor Society, Computer Coding Club, Mu Alpha Theta (Math Club), Secretary Performing Arts Club, Vice President of Rock Ensemble, and a Breakthrough Miami Volunteer. Celebrating a #Breakthrough, Ethan was selected as a Golden Scholar at Florida International University @fiuinstagram.

Ethan will soon be headed to Embry Riddle Aeronautical University @embryriddledaytona where he will pursue a degree in aerospace engineering and follow his dream of becoming an aerospace engineer and obtaining a master’s degree.


Breakthrough Miami has helped me meet some wonderful people, and made me part of wonderful experiences. Jeidy Labaut

An exemplary Scholar and student from our Ransom Everglades host site, Jeidy’s future is bright! During her time as a student, Jeidy dedicated her time beyond the classroom to participate in the Women’s Rights, Health Care, Chinese culture, and chess clubs. Jeidy also delved into crew, basketball, dance, and volunteered at mangrove cleanups and 5k bake sales.

With a bright future ahead, Jeidy will be attending @fiuinstagram as a proud panther to major in Health Sciences.


I would never regret my decision in joining Breakthrough Miami. All the friends and teachers I have met along the way allowed me to grow as a person throughout the years. Arianna Lopez

Arianna is committed to achieving the highest levels of academic success and is devoted to participating within her community with the intent of effecting real and meaningful change. As a student at @mastmakos, Arianna has made the most of her curriculum, successfully completing a variety of AP and dual enrollment courses, while balancing her involvement in diverse extracurricular initiatives that support her community and uplift her peers.

Throughout her eight-year journey as a Breakthrough Scholar, Arianna has pursued opportunities for growth and leadership. During her time in high school, Arianna held various positions including being a member, webmaster, and Volunteer of the Key Club, National Honor Society Volunteer, Vice President of the Space Club, and member of the Robotics Club and UNICEF. Aside from being mentally active, Arianna also devoted time to being physically active, playing volleyball and lacrosse.

Arianna will be graduating high school as an Honor Roll student with an associate’s degree and will be celebrating numerous Breakthroughs. Receiving a College Board National Recognition award, Arianna is ranked in the top 3% of her graduating class. Arianna also holds a University of South Florida Tradition of Excellence Award and a USF Director’s Award.

Arianna will be attending @usfstpetersburg and plans on pursuing a degree in graphic design. Arianna’s long-term goals include meaningful work and having her friends and family close by.


Breakthrough has shown me more career opportunities than I could’ve imagined, and gave me confidence in facing whatever what the future holds.” Dmitri Marshall

Dmitri is an exceptional student from Barbara Goleman Senior High @barbaragolemansrhigh possessing various leadership roles, volunteer experience, and recognitions.

During his time as a student at Barbara Goleman, Dmitri expanded his horizons, enrolling in multiple advanced placement courses including World History, Statistics, and Environmental Science. Looking to give back to his community, Dmitri participated in the Summer Youth Internship Program and helped with cleaning and setting up new monitors for other students.

Aside from his responsibilities as a Breakthrough Scholar, Dmitri was captain of the drumline, an active basketball player, and a member of the Future Business Leaders of America and chess club. He received several first-place rankings in Title 1 chess tournaments. ♟️

Dmitri has been accepted to numerous colleges including Florida International University @fiuinstagram, Florida Atlantic University @floridaatlantic, and Florida A&M University @famu_1887. He will be continuing his successful academic journey at Florida International University where he plans to pursue a degree in computer science and become a successful information analyst.


“Breakthrough exposed me to the many potential career paths I can take as a Scholar. Breakthrough also helped my acceptance and financial aid offer into Palmer Trinity.” -Tyler McCray

Tyler’s involvement within his school and community is what makes him an All-Star Breakthrough Scholar! As a proud @possefoundation Finalist, Silver Knight Nominee, and @nyahproject selectee graduating from Palmer Trinity, we know Tyler’s future is bright!

Tyler’s commitment and dedication to extra curricular and Volunteer opportunities make him a “breakalicious” Scholar! As a proactive member of his community, Tyler was involved with the Black Student Union, Out of Darkness Mental Health club, PTS Cares, was an organizational member of Joshua’s Heart, director of operations for Top Teens of America, senior member of Omega Youth Group and Kappa Youth Group, honor guard and escort of Delta Sigma Theta Cotillion, Round square Ambassador, STEM Coordinator of DIBIA Dream, and student ambassador of HOBY Youth Leadership. Tyler has also been a consistently dedicated Volunteer to his middle school site.

Active in both the classroom and on the field, Tyler played junior varsity for a year, varsity basketball for 3 years, and varsity track for 1 year.

Tyler’s consistent and inspiring work ethic has awarded him with many prestigious honors including being named a Presidential Scholar, Susan B. Anthony & Frederick Douglas Award, NSHSS, Hispanic Honor Society, HOBY Certificate of Recognition, MVP, Coaches Award, Palmer Trinity’s Falcon Award recognizing school-based leadership, Citizenship Award, and a National African American Recognition Program.

Having received a full scholarship, Tyler will be attending @tennstateu to study sports medicine and take a personal journey to further discover how to maximize his impact on the world.


“Breakthrough taught me how to interact and talk to people. It also pushed me to have difficult conversations.” -Camrawn McPhee

Congrats to Breakthrough Miami Scholar Camrawn McPhee!????

Camrawn is an exceptional student graduating from Jose Marti MAST Academy 6-12 @josemartimast where he excelled in multiple advanced placement courses including statistics, biology, and capstone. During his academic journey at Jose Marti, Camrawn Volunteered for Breakthrough Miami and was an esteemed member of the BSU, Green, and Quill and Scroll clubs.

Camrawn was accepted into Florida A&M University @famu_1887, Morehouse College @Morehouse1867, FAU @floridaatlantic, FIU @fiuinstagram, UCF @ucf.edu, and Valdosta State @valdostastate. He will be attending Florida A&M to pursue his dream of majoring in Allied Health Sciences in order to become a physical/occupational therapist and help those in his community.


Breakthrough has impacted me by opening my network, recognizing the amount of help I can receive financially and academically, has helped me with opening my mind to a variety of university and colleges. Solangel Medina

Solangel is an outstanding Breakthrough Scholar, fully embodying the Breakthrough spirit. Solangel is an honor roll student at Miami Lakes Education Center @mlecjaguars, where she was determined to further her knowledge by enrolling in advanced placement courses and grow her leadership through her participation in the Student Government Association and various clubs including SHAPE, NHS, and the Hispanic Heritage Club. Aside from being a Scholar, Solangel also Volunteered for Breakthrough Miami, helping advance our Village’s mission.

Solangel will soon be attending @mdcollege college as a proud first-generation student to pursue an associate’s degree and then #breakthrough to Johnson and Wales to gain degrees in Culinary Arts & Business/Finance.


Breakthrough helped me greatly by putting me ahead in academics and meeting some of my best friends along the way. Kamar Meza

Kamar is an optimistic, accomplished Scholar and honor roll student from our Gulliver Prep host site. Actively pursuing an academically enriching experience, Kamar enrolled in advanced placement courses including Human Geography and Psychology at Gulliver. Seeking community involvement, Kamar was a member of the Black culture club, and Environmental Club, and Volunteer at his grandmother’s school, helping our community’s youth thrive as individuals.

Active in the classroom, community, and on the field, Kamar played football and enjoyed track and lacrosse. Kamar will be attending Edinboro University @edinborou to study accounting and follow his dream of college football and becoming a financial analyst.


Breakthrough has helped me demonstrate who I am outside of the classroom and provided me with the opportunity to gain experience in a variety of skills, improve on academic performance, provided a sense of commitment, community involvement, and created a wider circle of friends. Breakthrough also helped build an authentic extracurricular profile that provided me with experiences that I will never forget. V’Tilya Minnis

V’Tilya excelled as a student at @IPrepAcademy, continuously seeking ways to improve the world around her and advance her studies. An exceptional Volunteer, V’Tilya assisted in beach cleanups, yearbook promotions, community service for Allapattah corporation, @WomenOfTomorrow events, spreading awareness on gun violence prevention in FirstShot club, and Volunteered at IPrep harvest festivals. Continuing her involvement, V’Tilya was an active member of the GSA and Key Clubs. Due to V’Tilya’s incredibly hard work and dedication, she was honored with a “Best Improved” award in her junior year.

As for the future, V’Tilya will be attending @fiuinstagram as a proud first-generation student to pursue a degree in Digital TV & Multimedia Production and help make our world a better place. ????


My time with Breakthrough gave each of my last seven summers so much substance. Breakthrough kept me looking forward to my next year in school and ahead of many students in my classes. Delanie Monroe

As an active honor roll student at @saswhitetigers, Delanie partook in numerous extracurricular activities and volunteer opportunities. Having enrolled in multiple dual-enrollment & advanced placement courses during her time as a student, Delanie will proudly be graduating with an associate’s degree.

With tremendous community involvement including being a member of the Black student Union, National Honors Society, secretary of Welcoming Wellness, HOSA, and Book & Key clubs, Delanie has made a name for herself in her community!

As a strong leader, Delanie was a lead tutor at @rhmsraiders teaching algebra and geometry, a co-tutor for @airbasek8 teaching social studies & math, and a co-creator and presenter of school-wide black history month seminar: “Culture Talks”.

Committed to making a positive change as a Volunteer, Delanie devoted time as a Breakthrough Miami Volunteer, a Coastal cleanup Volunteer at Black Point Marina with Welcoming Wellness club, a recruiter for middle schoolers at @coralreefhs as a representative of the medical magnet, and as a Christ Fellowship Volunteer, distributing holiday meals & gifts to in-need households.

Having achieved various Breakthroughs, Delanie is a @Questbridge Finalist, was selected by @nyahproject, & is a HOSA regional winner for Parliamentary Procedure Girls who Code Alumna.

As for the future, Delanie will study Environmental Engineering at @uflorida and pursue her dream of becoming an environmental engineer that works on sea-level rise issues in South Florida, New York, and abroad in areas such as Indonesia, Japan and the Netherlands.


Breakthrough has taught me so much about myself and I absolutely loved the experienced and the friendships I have made. Kayzariah Moore

Kayzariah’s bright spirit and endless enthusiasm as a Scholar is an asset to our Breakthrough Miami Village. As an honor roll student at @franklincharter, Kayzariah consistently sought opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities. Investing time in her community and Village, Kayzariah Volunteered with Breakthrough Miami and was an honored member of the Key Club, dance club, shoe club, photography club, and @WomenofTomorrow. Kayzariah also devoted time to dance and cheer.

As for her bright future, Kayzariah will be attending @SantaFeCollege as a first-generation student to major in Psychology & Pre-Med, and pursue her dream of becoming a psychologist and entrepreneur.


“My time as a Breakthrough Miami Scholar has been nothing else but life-changing. The numerous opportunities and experiences I’ve been exposed to ever since starting the program as a 5th grade Scholar have prepared me for success in my academic and personal life. I attribute all my successes and future endeavors to Breakthrough.” -Diego Moran

An honor roll student at Coral Gables Senior High School @coralbables_shs Diego is graduating with his associates degree. Beyond excelling in the classroom, Diego actively sought out ways to be involved in programs that would allow him to contribute and effect change. Aside from his passion and leadership in our Breakthrough Miami Village as a Scholar and Teaching Fellow, Diego served as Vice President of Future Business Leaders of America, President of the Academy of Finance, and member of Model United Nations, SCEME, National Honor Society, and Wizard’s clubs. Diego was also Team Captain for his school’s volleyball team.

Demonstrating strong leadership and interpersonal skills, Diego has been awarded Academy of Finance student of the month, National Honor Society, and received a Communicator Award presented by Coral Gables Senior High school.

Diego will be attending Florida International University @fiuinstagram where he was selected as a Golden Scholar to pursue his dream of becoming a leader in the real estate industry.


Breakthrough Miami has been amazing. It has molded me into the young man I am today. Brian Moss

A devoted Miami Country Day Scholar and student at William H Turner Tech @turnertechhs, Brian is committed to seeking ways in which to better himself and his education. Brian’s academic journey at William H. Turner included serving as Vice President of the Student Government Association, and a valued member of @5000RoleModels, and Future Business Leaders of America. Furthering his academic and community involvement, Brian selflessly helped families in need during the holiday season and enrolled in multiple advanced placement courses.

Excited to begin the next chapter of his academic story, Brian will be attending Florida A&M University @famu_1887 to major in business administration and pursue his dream of becoming a sports agent.


Breakthrough has helped me create connections within my community. Laiya Pender

Responsible, determined, and compassionate, Laiya is an inspiring Breakthrough Miami Scholar hailing from our Miami Country Day host site. As a homeschooled student, Laiya sought out ways to advance her academics, enrolling in advanced placement music theory, and dual-enrollment courses including Spanish, history, English, and critical thinking.

As an honored club member of Famsaj and Gem Culture, Laiya was able to create strong connections within her community. As a youth mentor and Volunteer, helping wrap Christmas presents and helping our community’s youth, Laiya sought ways to make a positive change.

Laiya has received a @GirlswhoCode certificate, a Damask Mentor certificate, and a Gem Culture certificate.

Laiya will soon keep creating her own #Breakthroughs at the University of Arizona @uarizona where she will major in business and pursue her dream of being financially stable and having her own business.


Breakthrough helped me prioritize my education and become a better person. It has been a great experience where new bonds were created. Breakthrough has created lasting experiences and memories. Milan Pender

As a Scholar from our Miami Country Day host site, Milan sought enriching academic experiences and strong relationships within our Village that would propel her towards #Breakthroughs. While homeschooled, Milan enrolled in dual enrollment English Composition, Psychology, and American History courses.

Enthusiastic about community involvement, Milan joined the dance club, led as a Youth Leader and Circle keeper for @fanmsajinc, and as a Youth GEM Mentor and board member @gemculturemiami. Committed to ensuring positive change within our community and the world around her, Milan was an esteemed member of Big Brothers Big Sisters of America @bbbsamerica.

Milan has earned many certificates from @girlswhocode in coding, a Circle Keeper certificate from @fanmsajinc, and a Youth GEM Mentor certificate from @gemculturemiami for her outstanding community involvement and dedication.

Now eager to start the next exciting chapter of her life, Milan will be attending the University of Arizona @uarizona to major in architecture and pursue her dreams of becoming an entrepreneur, real estate agent, and interior designer.


Being a Breakthrough Miami Scholar has allowed me to realize the power of having a community to support and encourage you to achieve your greatest potential. I have learned so much from the other Scholars and have continued to interact with some, even outside of Breakthrough. I have been glad to have this program that has had such a positive impact in my life! Ceylon Phillips

A natural-born leader and brilliant honor roll student from the School for Advanced Studies @saswhitetigers, Ceylon proved herself as a committed and dedicated member of her community through her extracurricular involvement.

During her academic journey at the School for Advanced Studies, Ceylon truly committed to her education, enrolling in a plethora of dual-enrollment and advanced placement courses, allowing her the #Breakthrough opportunity of graduating not only with her high school diploma but with her associate’s degree as well.

As an active leader and engaged community member, Ceylon was involved with the Speech and Debate Club, @WomenOfTomorrow, Junior Statesmen of America, and Black Student Union, and was an editor and President of Key Club during her junior and senior years.

Fueling positive change, Ceylon actively Volunteered at @FeedingSouthFlorida@EngageMia, and Key Club.

Ready to begin her next chapter as a @PosseFoundation Scholar, Ceylon will be proudly attending Mount Holyoke College @mtholyoke to pursue her dream of obtaining a Ph.D. in Sociology.


Breakthrough Miami has made me grow and mature through lessons taught to me in the classroom, as well as field trips that I have attended. One of my most memorable field trips was going to the Frost Museum. Brandon Pottinger

Brandon is an exemplary student and an active member of his community through various volunteer experiences. Throughout his time as a student at Palmer Trinity School @palmertrinity, Brandon pursued an ambitious schedule academically and outside the classroom, including various extracurricular experiences. Brandon held a leadership role at South Dade Express Track Club serving as team captain and devoting time to feeding the homeless at @chapmanpartnership. Brandon enjoyed playing soccer and basketball and was selected as Captain of the Track & Field team at Palmer Trinity.

An accomplished student-athlete, Brandon is a 2 time State Champion in Track and Field and will be celebrating his 3rd championship next week at the University of Florida @uflorida.

Brandon will soon continue his athletic career at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University @ncatsuaggies, where he received a full scholarship and admittance into the University’s track and field team. Following his #Breakthrough, Brandon plans to pursue a master’s degree in sports management with a focus on kinesiology and become a professional in track and field.


“My time in Breakthrough allowed me to better prepare for my upcoming school years while still keeping my mind on the future and preparing for my transition to college.” -Enrique Romero

Enrique is an all-star student at School For Advanced Studies – Kendall Campus @saswhitetigers. While a Scholar, Enrique made his education a priority, enrolling in multiple AP and dual enrollment courses, allowing him to graduate as an honor roll student with his associates degree. Following his successes, Enrique was recognized by the College Board as an AP Scholar with Distinction.

As a natural born leader, Enrique immersed himself in various leadership positions, including historian of the Gaming Club and Cinema Captain of the Performing Arts Club. Committed to Breakthrough and paying opportunity forward, Enrique dedicated his time to Volunteering at our Palmer Trinity host site.

Enrique will be attending the University of Central Florida @ucf.edu to major in computer science and pursue his dream of graduating with a masters in cyber security.


My Breakthrough Miami experience as a Scholar impacted my life in numerous ways, allowing me to grow as a person. It has taught me many things that I use on a daily basis, and I will treasure it for the rest of my life. Breakthrough has molded and shaped me from a Scholar to a two-time returning Teaching Fellow. Keisha Saint-Joy

An honor roll student graduating from William H. Turner Technical Arts High School @turnertechhs, Keisha focused on making her academic journey as enriching as possible, allowing her multiple #Breakthroughs.

Striving for academic success, Keisha enrolled in advanced placement Biology and dual-enrollment “Preparing for student success” courses.

Possessing the qualities of a leader, Keisha held various impressive leadership positions including being a Breakthrough Miami Teaching Fellow, HIP Secretary, church leader, and SGA Creator. Continuing her community involvement, Keisha was a valued member of SHAPE, the Yearbook Club, HOSA, and participated in her school’s athletic training, basketball, softball, flag football, and bowling teams.

Fueling positive change in the world around her, Keisha led as a Breakthrough Miami Volunteer, member of Big Brothers Big Sisters @bbbsamerica, Overtown Youth Center, and a Morningside K-8 Center assistant. Keisha’s many exceptional achievements have awarded her with a HOSA 3rd place Extemporaneous Poster, and a 2021 State Foot Champion award.

Now as a well-prepared #changemaker, Keisha will be attending @barryuniversity to continue making Breakthroughs happen.


The Breakthrough family changed my life for my better. It provided me with the opportunity to seek resources that I couldn’t have myself. I was introduced into a program that made me feel welcomed. Miami Country Day felt like a family – my family. Breakthrough Miami has truly been an experience I will never forget. -Maria Sears

Committed to being on the path to success, Maria was incredibly involved in school activities during her high school years. An exceptional honor roll student at @iprepacademy, Maria was also an active member of the National Honor Society, GSA, Performing Arts, and Key Clubs. Outside of school, Maria is an @americorps member serving as a Breakthrough Success Coach at our Miami County Day host site, dedicating an impressive 500+ hours to mentoring and inspiring our Scholars.

With her sights set on Florida A&M University @famu_1887, Maria will be pursuing a degree in political science as a proud first-generation student and following her long-term goal of becoming a civil lawyer.


“Being a Breakthrough Miami Scholar has shaped me into the leader I consider myself to be today. It has truly prepared me for my life inside and outside of the classroom, and given me the confidence and drive I will need moving forward.” -Britney Simon

Britney is an outstanding Scholar graduating from @cmlionswhere she pursued extensive leadership, Volunteer, and extracurricular opportunities. Graduating as a proud honor roll student and having enrolled in multiple dual-enrollment and advanced placement courses, Britney made the most of her high school curriculum.

An an active leader in school and the community, Britney served as President of Interact Club, manager of the Flag Football Team, Advisory Board Member of Women Engaged, and Student Ambassador. Continuing her community involvement, Britney was an esteemed member of the Interact Club, Women Engaged club, Diversity Club, and CM Scholars. Additionally, Britney served as a #Changemaker, having Volunteered with Breakthrough Miami during her Freshman and Sophomore years of high school before serving as a Teaching Fellow, and now serving as a Success Coach.

Britney was honored by the College Board National African American Recognition Program in recognition of her remarkable academic achievements and outstanding performance on AP exams.

Britney will be attending the @univmiami to follow her dream of majoring in nursing to become a labor and delivery nurse, and hopes to purse a masters degree following her undergrad. Britney also wishes to explore nurse management in the future, and to eventually be able to travel to as many different places as possible.


Without Breakthrough I would have never gotten the opportunities to grow into the person I have become. I am so grateful for the friendships and experiences that have gone through with this program. Breakthrough has overall made me into a more independent and confident individual. Dominique Smith

An inspiring and dedicated Scholar, Dominique shined like the passionate leader she is during her time as a student at Ransom Everglades. Dominique has held various worthy leadership positions including Vice President of Black Students Association and President of REAL. Dominique also made waves happen as a Diversity Council and softball team member. A creative soul, Dominique was awarded the Ransom Everglades Studio Art Award.

Furthering her impressive academic advances, Dominique enrolled in various advanced placement courses including Art History, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, World History, Environmental Science, and U.S History.

Ready to begin #BreakingThrough new paths, Dominique will be attending Mount Holyoke @mtholyoke to find her calling in the world and develop skills that will help her have financial independence and a creative career/lifestyle.


Breakthrough Miami has been an experience that I will forever be thankful for having in my life. The kickstart it gave me for college and my life in general is amazing. I just wanna say, Thank you Breakthrough Miami! Kaseem Smith

A brilliant honor roll student graduating from Miami Edison Senior High School, Kaseem’s future endeavors are certainly bright! Kaseem’s inspiring dedication to his community and Breakthrough Village makes Kaseem nothing less than a Rockstar.

As an advocate for positive social change, Kaseem volunteered at beach cleanups, helping clean our beautiful ecosystems and feeding the homeless. Kaseem also participated in the Overtown Youth Center and @5000RoleModels.

As a student, Kaseem was a valued member of his school’s Key Club and yearbook. Looking to advance his knowledge even further, Kaseem enrolled in advanced placement world history courses.

Motivated and looking to the future, Kaseem will be attending Miami-Dade College @mdcollege as a first-generation student majoring in communication and pursuing his dream of becoming a successful news reporter.


Breakthrough Miami was informative and opened my eyes to many opportunities. Logan Smith

An honor roll recipient graduating from Miami Southridge Senior High, Logan is exceptionally well prepared to begin the next chapter of his bright future! As a student, Logan gained valuable knowledge, enrolling in advanced placement English Language and Composition, Computer Science A, and Environmental Science courses. Logan held a leadership position as President of his school’s Esports Club and was an esteemed member of the chess and robotics clubs. Aside from his responsibilities as a student, Logan volunteered at mangrove cleanups, helping look after our city’s many wonderful ecosystems. Logan’s wisdom and wonderful insights also awarded him recognition in our Black History Month essay contest.

With his vast accumulated knowledge and distinctions, Logan will be attending Full Sail University @fullsail to pursue a major in game design and begin his journey toward becoming a successful game designer.


Breakthrough Miami has changed my life completely. Through this program I was able to attend magnet schools and get the education I deserved. Having this program guide my parents and I through the magnet school applications for middle and high school made my parents and life much easier. Additionally, this program has helped me through my biggest academic challenges, but this Village was able to support me and give me the tools I needed for my success. Richard Tijerino

Richard is an exceptional student graduating from Coral Reef Senior High @coralreefhs in the top 3% of his class. During his time in high school, Richard not only excelled in numerous AP classes, but also developed as a leader through serving as a Breakthrough Miami Volunteer, secretary of Tri-M, member of the Science National Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta, HeartStrings, and Media Coordinator of Coral Reef Orchestra.

Richard’s many impressive musical #Breakthroughs have awarded him with recognitions such as Superintendent Honors Orchestra and New World Side by Side.

Now as a prepared Scholar and accomplished musician ready to take on new Breakthroughs, Richard will pursue a degree in music education at the University of Miami @univmiami Frost School of Music to receive his master’s in Music Therapy and Doctorate in Music Education. Eager to share his talents with others, Richard wishes to teach music at the middle or high school level. ????


Being a Breakthrough Scholar has taught me a lot of things. Being a part of a family, learning new skills, and help for college readiness. Kendrick Williams

As an honor roll student at Robert Morgan Educational Center @rmec.pirates, Kendrick immersed himself in his academics, enrolling in dual enrollment Critical Skills and Thinking courses. Seeking community involvement, Kendrick was a valued member of The Omega Youth Program, baseball team, and the Sigma Beta Club president. As an active Volunteer, Kendrick volunteered at Road Clean Ups, toy distributions, and Thanksgiving basket distributions.

Kendrick will attend Tennessee State University @tennstateu as a proud first-generation student and pursue a degree in nursing. Looking to continue his impact and influence, Kendrick hopes to become a firefighter and make a positive difference in the world.

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