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Breakthrough Miami provides an academic enrichment program that uses a student-teaching-students model to ensure that motivated, under-resourced middle-school students have access to excellent high-school opportunities, graduate from high school on time, and attend college.

Opening Doors of Opportunity into STEM Fields

Opening Doors of Opportunity into STEM Fields - Solving National Challenges The National Science Foundation reports Black and Hispanic Engineers are only 5% / 6% of the workforce respectively, reflecting a lack of access, exposure and confidence in STEM education,...

Heavyn Lee Goes To Harvard

Tell the Story: Herald Feature on Breakthrough Scholar Heavyn Lee

New York Life Foundation Award

New York Life Foundation Awards 2-Year, $100,000 Grant to Breakthrough Miami to Help Middle School Students Transition to 9th Grade

Honoring Leadership

Honoring Leadership – Inaugural Black History Month Essay Contest
In Honor of Garth C. Reeves, Sr.

Scholars Inspiring Change – June 2020

Scholars Inspiring Change – Social Justice Initiatives

Breakthrough To The Top – June 2020

Breakthrough To The Top – We are thrilled to announce three Breakthrough Miami Scholars have earned a Gates Scholarship this year – Bryce Smith, Heavyn Lee, and Scarleth Meggs.

Breakthrough Miami Announces New Appointments To Board of Directors – April 2020

New Appointments To Board of Directors -Breakthrough Miami is solidifying its commitment to closing the opportunity gap and creating pathways to college success with the appointment of three new board members with diverse expertise and a shared commitment to advancing the organization’s mission.

Break Through The Distance – March 2020

Breakthrough Miami team has committed to #BreakthroughTheDistance and are enthusiastically working to keep our Village engaged and connected. Here’s how:

Breakthroughs and Bridges – October 2019

Miami Dolphins FOOTBALL UNITES™ Collaborate with Breakthrough Miami to Host Breakthroughs and Bridges Workshop

Career Day 2019

For more than 20 years, Breakthrough Miami has hosted a professional week during our Summer Institute, exposing our scholars to the breadth of exciting career opportunities available to students who work hard and dream big.

What’s Ahead

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