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Corporate Partners & Organizations

Breakthrough Miami’s Corporate Partners are meaningfully engaged in programming, engagement, drives, and philanthropy throughout the year. We invite your organization to get involved and make breakthroughs happen! Existing opportunities are highlighted below, but we also encourage and invite new ideas and programs!

Career Day: Each summer we engage our class of 200 8th grade Scholars with diverse industries in our community. Breakthrough Miami’s Career Day is designed to raise awareness of diverse careers and professional opportunities, increase knowledge of academic requirements necessary to pursue careers, expose students to professionals and role models, and involve students in the daily operations of a business. Opportunity for businesses to host a career day and provide an experience that may include interactive activities or challenges, a facility tour, and introductions to a variety of job positions and departments. Career Day hosts are asked to provide lunch for the small group that will be visiting; this could be as simple as ordering pizza or as elaborate as taking them to your executive dining room. Groups can vary in size (10-25) and will arrive at your workplace at approximately 10:00 am and depart at 2:30 pm. 

Mock Interview Day: Help prepare our 11th and 12th-grade Scholars with 21st-century skills to become competitive candidates for college admissions, scholarships, and award selection committees, along with future professional opportunities. Mock Interview Day provides an opportunity for Scholars to practice interviewing to build communication and presentation skills, learn about the interview process, and increase professional etiquette. Alumni and adult volunteers are invited to join us in leading 1:1 interviews with 11th and 12th-grade Scholars for approximately ten minutes followed by a brief feedback session.

Corporate Breakfast/Reception: Work with us to expand and engage our Village of donors, community partners, and prospective corporations. Opportunity to extend executive leadership an invitation to be our thought leaders and keynote speaker to share how they have used their corporate platform and assets, and how they drive impact in our community. Volunteer opportunity to promote, help identify potential sponsors and in-kind donors.

Expertise & Experience: Help us bridge the opportunity gap by lending your expertise and mentorship. Join us as a guest speaker, lead a workshop or activity or train our student volunteers. Opportunity to align with grade-based curriculum [5th Grade: Environmental Sciences; 6th Grade: Arts & Culture; 7th Grade: Engineering & Technology; 8th Grade: Business & Entrepreneurship]. Other topics of interest include financial education, leadership, identity, personal branding, career readiness. Alternatively, consider hosting an externship, providing Scholars a shadowing opportunity to learn more about an industry.


Breakthrough Miami is proud to be an official certifying organization for the Presidential Service Volunteer Award.

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