Dear Breakthrough Miami Village,

The killing of George Floyd fueled a global movement for racial justice and police reform. We mourn the tragic loss of Mr. Floyd and the Black lives lost before and after his killing. A guilty verdict in the case against Derek Chauvin was critical to advance this fight, but civil rights work is hardly over. Discrimination is manifested structurally throughout the pillars of our society. Breakthrough was established to tackle systemic racism and educational inequity. Three decades later, we remain passionately driven and committed to uplifting communities of color and empowering young people through educational opportunity. We support and join the efforts across the country to envision and build a brighter future.

Our Scholars are on the front lines, experiencing injustice and inequality. As a bridge-builder across Miami’s diverse communities and an opportunity generator for traditionally marginalized students, we are committed to preparing our youth to take action as engaged citizens and serve as voices for change to dismantle systems of oppression. Together, each voice, protest, case, and action build towards a shared future of respect, equity, safety, and true justice for all members of our society and the end to the criminalization and violence against Black and Brown communities.

We must break through together.
The work continues.

Our Breakthrough Village is leading forward to an educated, equitable, empowered, and just future.

In the spirit of breaking through,

Lori-Ann M. Cox
Chief Executive Officer

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