Breakthrough Miami and The Miami Dolphins FOOTBALL UNITES™ Host Breakthroughs and Bridges Workshop
Students and players engage in topics around racial equity

Miami, November 16, 2020 Breakthrough Miami and The Miami Dolphins FOOTBALL UNITES™ program join forces for the second consecutive year to host the two-part Breakthroughs and Bridges series in the tri-county area. The first session in the two-part series, which took place this past Friday, November 13, saw 67 students, faculty, and 9 members from the Miami Dolphins, in thought-provoking conversations to work together for solutions-oriented joint learning experiences. The second session is slated for Spring 2021. 

During the first session, students engaged in profound topics around racial equity. The first topic was around the education system and how it relates to the “American Dream,” exploring how policies have influenced school demographics, how communities are portrayed in the media, and varying quality and perspectives of the material taught in schools. The second topic focused on the criminal justice system focusing on the 13th Amendment using clips from the documentary 13th. The students exchanged insightful dialogue listening and learning increasing their cultural awareness and empathy of others. As one student shared, the event was “eye opening” and she learned how ”partaking in these conversations that we become more aware of our surroundings and the influences and stereotypes that play a role in our society.”

“Breakthrough and Bridges was an impactful night of learning to move the conversation forward around race, identity and bias.  We’re definitely mission aligned with Breakthrough Miami so the subject matter from the event spoke to us as an organization” shared Jason Jenkins, Miami Dolphins Senior Vice President, Communications and Community Affairs. “South Florida is a diverse community and we have a great ability to unite people, especially in these polarizing times. We were inspired by the youth that shared their stories, experiences and real action moving forward to bring positive social change. We are proud to take part in Breakthrough and Bridges and look forward to our next discussion.” 

Breakthroughs and Bridges was developed by Breakthrough Miami in an effort to foster the next generation of leaders that embrace difference as an asset and have the skills to establish and nurture real relationships, empowering them in their personal and professional lives. For nearly 30 years, Breakthrough Miami has served as a bridge connecting communities across our city to close the opportunity gap, generate social mobility and nurture self-actualization. As divides across diverse communities deepen nationally, Breakthrough Miami seeks to leverage its unique positioning as a bridge and facilitator to address these challenges at a local level.

“It is of immense pleasure to partner with Miami Dolphins FOOTBALL UNITES™ for a second consecutive year. Our continued partnership speaks to our shared understanding of the value of inclusiveness and the diverse intersections that define and strengthen our community,” said Lori-Ann Cox, CEO of Breakthrough Miami. “Breakthrough Miami is dedicated to shedding a light on these conversations by providing students a safe place to use their voice, perspectives and strengths of our diversity, and work together towards a solution. We shape the future by offering students tools that they can use and go back to their school, network, families, and community, and put into action the knowledge they received.”

The Dolphins organization believes it is important to be inclusive of the diversity and aware of the intersections that make up South Florida, uniting groups of different races, genders, sexual orientations, identities, abilities and faiths around the power of football. The Miami Dolphins’ goal is to level the playing field through the power of teamwork to inspire a healthier, more educated and united South Florida community. 

The second Breakthrough and Bridges workshop session will be held in March 13, 2021, facilitated again by Anthony Teague and Emani Jerome of Bridge Builders 305, and will dive deeper into the key four topics from a local standpoint.

View memories of our Breakthroughs and Bridges event:

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