The end of the year presents an opportunity to zoom out of the day-to-day and see our efforts holistically. We embrace this time for our minds to shift focus from the on-the-ground programming, planning, evaluating, fundraising, and storytelling to reflect on the work more expansively. No question, the collective effort that we drive at Breakthrough Miami every day is remarkable. I know our mission, the program, our Village – is a gift of purpose and opportunity. Breakthrough offers us an incredible foundation from which we can all lead, create, and inspire positive change.

Amplifying our story and propelling our mission, we have been fortunate to be a partner with the NFL for the past two years. Many of you have seen Breakthrough Miami featured once again as part of the league’s nationally broadcast Inspire Change campaign. I have received many text messages and calls from those near and far, who saw the segments while watching a game. The campaign highlights the NFL’s commitment to social justice, including the investment in partners like Breakthrough Miami working to break down the barriers to opportunity and end structural inequities. We salute the NFL and the many organizations, students, families, and partners who stand with us to advance our promise as an Opportunity Generator.

Driven with intention and purpose, we choose to invest our time and resources to lead, create, collaborate, mentor, advocate, be excellent, and elevate kindness. As our Scholars, Teaching Fellows, Volunteers, team, and YOU show us every day, each of us has the opportunity to Inspire Change.

In the spirit of breaking through,

Lori-Ann M. Cox
CEO, Breakthrough Miami

We invite our Village to join the NFL in supporting Breakthrough Miami! breakthrough.miami/get-involved

Breakthrough Miami is honored to grow our partnership with NFL Inspire Change and serve among a prestigious circle of grantees nationally to drive meaningful community change. Inspire Change showcases the collaborative efforts of players, clubs, and the League to create positive change in communities across the country. 

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